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CSA Inc. is an engineering consulting company located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We provide consulting services to electric utilities, national laboratories, and private research organizations.

Zachry Nuclear Engineering Acquisition of CSA Inc.

Dear Valued CSA Customers and RETRAN and VIPRE User Group Members,

You may have received an announcement recently that CSA has been acquired by Zachry Nuclear Engineering. We are pleased to discuss how this benefits our customers.

Many of you, over the last few years have asked us, "What is the plan for CSA? What is the future for RETRAN and VIPRE?" We have kept this question in the front of our planning. The worst case would be to simply retire, close the company, and hope that support for these important industry tools would evolve. The Zachry acquisition is a natural fit for the future of these projects that will allow their operation to continue uninterrupted. Craig Peterson was very pleased with the Zachry acquisition and he was involved in the discussions until he was too weak from his illness. The participation of Janice Peterson (Craig's wife) in the closing process ensured that the outcome was Craig's desire.

Our initial feedback has been quite positive, but there is naturally some concern about the impact on the VIPRE and RETRAN code projects. We would like to address some of these concerns.

  • CSA will be a strong group within ZNE as part of the Numerical Applications Division. This will provide access to significant software development and code application resources to support the CSA projects and allow CSA personnel to also provide support to the Numerical Applications/Zachry projects (such as GOTHIC).
  • Mark and Garry are committed to this effort:
    • they will be at CSA for several years and probably part time after that.
    • they will be available for contact at CSA during this period.
  • ZNE/CSA is committed to VUG and RUG. The contacts are the same and our commitments are the same.
  • The RUG and VUG groups will operate on the current charter. This is a user driven effort. As always , if we don't perform, you are in charge.
  • ZNE/CSA will continue to work with EPRI to promote the use of RETRAN and VIPRE to new organizations throughout the world.
  • The ZNE acquisition will allow CSA to not only continue this support beyond the CSA founders careers, but many years to come. Garry and Mark will spend a large share of their time training, mentoring and transferring technology to a new generation of engineers, some of which already have RETRAN, VIPRE, GOTHIC or other code development experience.
  • ZNE/CSA will continue support of CSA's Quality Assurance Program. CSA will continue to operate the code maintenance efforts under the current NQA-1 compliant QA program.

Thanks for all of your support, leadership and friendship. We look forward to providing the same quality software development and analysis support long in to the future.


Craig Peterson

It is with great sadness that we announce that our long time friend and partner Craig Peterson passed away Friday 11/14/14 from pancreatic cancer. He will be missed. A memorial service will be held on March 7, 2015, 11:00 AM at Wood Funeral Home. A memorial notice can be viewed and online condolences sent to the family at www.woodfuneralhome.com.

In memory of Craig Peterson the family has established a scholarship fund at Idaho State University. Contributions can be made to ISU Foundation, Craig Peterson Scholarship, Campus Box 8050, Pocatello, ID 83209.

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